Painful Periods? How to Reclaim Your Hormonal Health

If you live in the States, like me, you probably enjoyed a long weekend of food, drinks, friends, and fun!

My 4th of July was spent soaking up the sun at my family’s lake place. There was definitely some junk food and alcohol involved! ;)


Did you know what you eat and drink has a huge impact on your hormones? So do your other habits such as exercise and how you handle your stress.

In fact, hormonal health expert, Nicole Jardim, says to think of your period like your monthly report card.

In episode #2 of my podcast, I sit down with Nicole to chat about how to reclaim your hormonal health.

If you’re struggling with painful periods, infertility, or menopause, you definitely don’t want to miss our conversation.

Nicole shares her personal struggles and how they became the catalyst for the work she does today. She’s passionate about being open to many different modalities to help heal the root cause of women’s health issues.

Not only does she know the immensely important role hormones play in women’s health, but she’s also a walking resource of simple tips to correct major problems.

Tune in and discover her secrets!