How to Look 10 Pounds Slimmer in Seconds

Awhile back, a research study concluded that putting a pencil between your teeth for a few minutes a day could make you feel happier.

Why on earth would this be the case? Because it causes “smiling muscles” to engage and your brain responds accordingly.

The takeaway? There is, most certainly, a connection between your physical choices and your emotional wellbeing.

The good news…

When you’re feeling less than stellar, making simple physical changes can help you feel better quickly…like, in seconds.

Practicing posture you’re proud of is one of the fastest ways to boost your confidence. Plus, it’ll make you look thinner, instantly, and aid in the alleviation of your chronic pain. (Lots of perks!)

Before yoga and Pilates, I used to have awful posture! For real.

Nowadays, my good posture something I get complimented on frequently.

In one of my recent television segments, I share my top 3 tips to transform your posture, 5 secrets to train your posture in your everyday life, and a couple yoga/Pilates exercises you can do on a stability ball to improve your posture.

Are yoga and Pilates among the best forms of exercise to tone up, slim down, and get more flexible? Yes, absolutely.

But they also deliver countless other benefits that you’ll begin noticing throughout your entire day, not just when you’re on your mat.

You’ll be sitting at your desk and you’ll realize you want to straighten up and hold yourself with strong posture. You’ll think, “Whaaat! Where did that come from?!”

You’ll be washing dishes, with your lower back beginning to bug you, and you’ll remember to support your back by engaging your abdominal muscles…you’ll feel a bit better.

You’ll realize deep breaths are necessary when things begin getting stressful at work.

Suddenly, you’re slimming down, toning up and feeling better throughout your entire day, even when you don’t have time to actually roll out your mat. (It’s awesome!)

You get so much bang for your buck when you do these forms of exercise consistently.

That’s why I created my Yoga & Pilates Online Membership program.

It’s a super-affordable, super-convenient way to access awesome yoga and Pilates workouts!