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Your Next Steps
Follow these simple steps to set yourself up to succeed.

Step #1: Add me to your email contacts.

I’ll be sending regular, member-only updates, bonuses, and inspiration to your inbox. (Keep your eye out, specifically, for my [YPO News] emails that I send out about once a week.) I’d hate for you to miss out on this email support. To make sure I don’t end up in your SPAM folder, add Support@YogaAndPilatesOnline.com to your contact list! Are you a Gmail or Google Apps user? If so, please click the button below!

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Step #2: Get connected, get support!

Join our private, member-only Facebook group to get connected with me, my team, and other members. This is a great place to ask questions, get acquainted with other members, find accountability buddies…and new friends! ?

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Step #3: Check out my foundation classes & content.

These classes and corresponding content will give you all the info you need to feel confident on your mat…even if you’re brand new to yoga or Pilates. (Psst…if you’re short on time, I think you’ll totally dig the “Quick Index”. Think of this as your yoga dictionary or Pilates glossary. It’s a collection of super-short videos, describing specific poses and concepts.)

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Step #4: Just press play!

Don’t wait to try out a workout! Even if you’re just lying on your mat, watching me, that’s okay. Press play, do what you can, and then decide where you need to go from there. If a workout’s too challenging, go down a level or take more breaks next time. If it’s too easy, go up a level. Give yourself time & permission to experiment. Don’t wait to get started!

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Step #5: Focus on baby steps & laugh at imperfection.

I am not here to guilt you into action and this community is not intended to be a hub for intense, external, get-your-shit-together motivation. Instead, I will advocate for your joy & vitality. Let this membership & community be your oasis for inspiration & transformation. True, sustainable transformation happens one step at a time. Think: consistency over intensity. Think: baby steps! And, instead of being so hard on yourself, what if you just laughed at all your mistakes & missteps along the way? It’s going to happen (because you’re human and it happens to everyone)…you’re going skip workouts and come up with excuses from time to time. Who cares?! When you notice your imperfection, you don’t have to beat yourself up. Instead, decide not to make it a big hairy deal, laugh at yourself, take note of your progress (in spite of (or maybe because of) your imperfection), and head to your mat & hit play. Around here, we embrace our imperfections & try not to take ourselves to G-d seriously! ?

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Step #6: Save your login info.

One secret to success is making healthy habits convenient. Having unlimited access to workouts, all levels, different durations, anywhere, anytime, is a great start, but there’s nothing more annoying than forgetting your login info. (Right?! I know you know what I’m talking about!) Not remembering it can be an easy excuse not to get a workout in. Set yourself up for success by: 1.) Bookmarking our homepage.2.) Writing down (or electronically saving) your login info in a meaningful, easy-for-you-to-access place.

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