Gain strength & flexibility.
Shed pounds. Sleep better.
Reduce pain & stress. Increase energy.
Feel confident.

I’m here to be your #1 supporter and trusted guide to help you get the life and body that you truly desire and totally deserve. My team and I are committed to making things fun, simple and convenient. This membership and community is the beginning of a whole new you.


Annalicia, smiling on a bright day

So, are you like me?

  • You have the tendency to be crazy busy.
  • It’s easy for you to be hard on yourself.
  • You wonder how you’re going to fit a workout in, in the midst of everything else you have to get done and manage.
  • You want to feel more energized and confident.
  • You’d love to experience less stress and less pain.
  • You’re always open to shedding unwanted pounds.
  • You’d love to feel stronger, more toned, and more flexible.
  • You want to be healthier and you want to make progress, but sometimes you’re not sure which direction to go, which expert to listen to, or what your next step should be.
  • You’re sick of health regiments that are so strict and intense they feel like a battle. But, you still want results.
  • Even though you feel better when you exercise, sometimes you just don’t feel like getting ready to go to the gym or your local yoga studio. You want to get your workout in without having to brush your teeth or look presentable.

Looking for convenient, fun, and effective? You're in the right place!

Becoming healthier doesn’t have to be a struggle. Exercise can be something you actually look forward to. Are you wanting less stress and pain? Are you desiring more tone, strength, energy, and confidence? It's all possible, it's not rocket science, and it doesn't have to be a battle. I know from my own experience and that of thousands of my students. That’s why I created this membership!

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What's inside?

1. Foundation Classes & Content

Here’s where I’ll teach you how to get started so you can step onto your mat with confidence! In the comfort of your own home, you’ll learn all the basics that will keep you safe and help you get the most out of your workouts. The content & classes will:

  • Offer you important tips for beginners
  • Answer the most common questions people have about yoga & Pilates
  • Show you how easy it is to adapt & modify your workouts
  • Give you all the details you need, about the basic movements, so you can rock it on your mat

2. Full-Length Workouts

All Levels – Anytime – Anywhere – “Me Time” On Demand

This is so you can get what you need on any given day. No more being bored, too challenged, or at the mercy of a hard-ass group fitness instructor or a studio schedule that doesn’t really work for you.

  • You choose the type of workout you want, level of intensity and duration
  • You decide when it works best to fit your workout into your schedule
  • Take your workouts wherever you need to be, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure
  • Stay motivated and excited with the new videos added regularly

3. Guest Teachers

When you become a member, it’s like you gain access to an entire library of fitness DVDs.

  • Learn from a wide array of different experts
  • Spice up your time on the mat with different teaching styles
  • Get inspired by variety

Pictured, first to last: Nichole Kellerman, Katie Dalebout, Jes Rosenberg, and Natalie Garay.

4. More Fun Stuff

When “regular”, full-length workouts just aren’t what you need. I’ve got you covered! You’ll have access to:

  • Targeted Twelve videos that will give you a super quick (12ish-minute) workout with a specific focus (abs, upper body, legs & booty, etc.)
  • At Your Desk routines
  • Workouts you can do with the kiddos in your life
  • Breathing exercises
  • Meditation
  • And, much, much more!

5. Member-Only Bonuses & Discounts

I absolutely adore my members. These bonuses are a small token of my appreciation & admiration.

  • Discounts on amazing services and products such as wine, coffee, mats, and makeup
  • Playlists my team and I put together in case you want to add a little music to your time on the mat
  • Free video downloads for times when you don’t have internet access

6. Connection & Support

Receive the convenience & comfort of online, at-home workouts without sacrificing the support & connection you need to stay motivated & inspired. I hope you’re ready to make some new friends! :) As a member, you’ll receive:

  • An exclusive invitation to our private, member-only Facebook group so you can ask questions, share your struggles, celebrate your successes, and connect with me, my team, and other members
  • Exclusive invitations to our member-only, Live Happy Hour Hangouts where we all jump on the mat at the same time (I stream a live class) and then we hangout with an inspiring guest afterward (with a glass of wine or cup of tea in hand)
  • Weekly emails where I offer you community updates, inspiration, health tips, and recipes
  • VIP treatment when you have questions or need support

Are you ready to begin?

Invest in yourself today and you’ll receive:

  • Access to my foundation classes & content so you know how to get started and how to make the most of your yoga & Pilates workouts
  • Instant, unlimited access to full-length workout videos (all levels) that you can do anytime, anywhere
  • A library of videos from a variety of different instructors
  • Workouts you can do with your kids, at your desk, and when you’re strapped for time
  • Member-only bonuses and discounts…just ‘cause I love ya
  • Member-only invitations to connect, get support, and get your questions answered

There's no better time than now. Join us!

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A Few Members (In Their Own Words):

Look what Annalicia helped me do! 50 pounds DOWN. Loads of confidence and joy UP!

Before Annalicia's videos, I was stuck my head knowing that I really should and even would like to work out, but my excuses kept getting in the way. (Not enough time, not the right time, not enough money, too cold/hot outside, not strong enough, not flexible enough, kids, etc.) Annalicia provided a platform where I could easily begin and create the healthy lifestyle and habits I wanted to create. Baby step-by-baby step, gently and kindly. She gave my the information and skills I needed to not only have a great workout, but also be more aware of my body and thoughts in every moment of my life. I have now created a ritual of working out every morning. It has been a beautiful journey! I now have muscles that I didn't know existed, I am more flexible than ever before, and I am slowly gaining more self-­confidence and self-­love. Annalicia helped me to discover that I can change the habits in my life and grow into the person I want to be. This online yoga & Pilates membership program is awesome because no matter what level you are at, there is something for you. It is affordable and you can do it when it fits into your schedule, instead of changing your schedule to fit in your workout.

Laura Lee Belle Plaine, Minnesota

Annalicia is by far the best Pilates & yoga instructor I have ever had! She is the perfect instructor for beginners to more advanced people and even the kids. She covers it all! I started with her Pilates classes, but fell in love with yoga when I experienced one of her beginner classes. I have always been intimidated with yoga....not anymore! Annalicia has a genuine kindness that comes through with her instructions and never once have I felt inferior or intimidated by her.

With her online videos, I'm able to choose whichever one I feel I can do on any given day at that particular moment. As a member, I get free ‘extras’ such as healthy recipes, challenges, live member-only hangouts, discounts on awesome products, and so much more. I just love it!

One of the greatest benefits of having Annalicia as an instructor is not only do you get the positive changes to your body, but also positive changes to your mood. No matter what, whenever I practice yoga or Pilates with Annalicia, I am always in a better mood afterwards; and I can't help but feel ‘lighter’ in my body and spirit! Annalicia is truly a breath of fresh air in my hectic daily schedule! She goes way beyond being just a yoga & Pilates instructor.

Lisa Schouviller Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

I love how simple Annalicia makes yoga and Pilates. She is a real, loving beauty, who enjoys connecting with her members. She’s not just some random person on a DVD, who looks like a Barbie Doll, and makes you feel inferior at each workout. Plus, I've learned more about my body from her than from any other DVD out there. (Which is pretty impressive, since I'm in the health and wellness industry myself.) Annalicia's member portal is super organized and easy to access. I'm so thankful for her videos and community support, for many reasons. 1.) I save time by eliminating travel time to and from a studio 2.) I know it sounds crazy, but participating in her short targeted workouts has helped me to be more productive in getting stuff done. 3.) Her videos have helped me manage hip pain after an accident without medication. 4.) Her breathing videos (OMG!)…talk about a game changer! They truly help me remain calm throughout the day!

Heather Rampolla

I hated yoga my whole life! When my health changed and I was no longer able to do my other exercise, I decided to give it another try. I'm so glad I found Annalicia and her videos! No matter where I am, I can pop on a video that fits my schedule, whether I have fifteen minutes or an hour. There are videos to match every fitness level, and she is so sweet. I love it when she says, ‘One day, someday,’ as she offers different ways to do the poses so you can find which degree of difficulty works best for you. It makes me feel like it's okay to be where I am and know what I can work toward. My favorite part is at the end when she offers a blessing, ‘May you have peace in your thoughts. May you have peace in your words, and may you have peace in your heart.’

Jenny Colorado

Yoga & Pilates Online has really helped me maintain an active yoga practice while also ensuring that all of life’s other responsibilities are attended to. I love the convenience of selecting the type and length of the class I need on a given day, streaming it when I have time in my schedule, and setting up my mat wherever I might be to carve out time for yoga. As a mother of a young child, Yoga & Pilates Online has allowed me to focus on being “mommy” when my daughter is awake and find time on the mat during naptimes or after bedtime, without having to drive or make childcare arrangements.

I love Annalicia’s upbeat and inspiring personality and teaching style. As an endurance athlete, I’m always looking for a physical and mental challenge to test my body and mind. Her classes and teaching style offered those challenges, however, she has the ability to adapt any pose or sequence of poses to give students options that best suit what they need from their yoga practice. Each class I’ve done with Annalicia has left me feeling energized and accomplished!

Jessica Grenwis Andover, Minnesota

Annalicia and have been a lifeline for me! Her teaching style is relaxed, connecting and energizing. In our increasingly stressful world of schedules, commitments and fires to put out, I look forward to a quick login and presto – instant yoga and Pilates! I take Annalicia and YPO with me on all my devices and use it throughout my day. This is the most convenient program I have found.

Danita Peterson St. Paul, Minnesota

I've worked with several yoga instructors over the years, but no one holds a candle to the classes that Annalicia teaches. She has a gift of making students feel completely comfortable in their own skin, while also gently guiding us in the use of proper technique. I always walk away from Annalicia's workouts feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Her passion for work and life continually motivates me.

Kelsey Hohol Edmonton, Alberta

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no fixed terms + unlimited, instant access

Annalicia, smiling on a bright day

Meet Annalicia

I used to hate exercise. Sure, I always felt better after going the gym, but the real reason I went was because I was scared not to. The days I didn’t work out were full of anxiety about gaining weight and guilt about not feeling good enough.

Everything changed when I started doing yoga & Pilates. You may think I began for a bunch of soul-centered reasons. Nope. The truth: I heard celebrities talk about using yoga and Pilates to get and maintain their amazing bodies.

They were right…I got results fast! Even more importantly, though, I began to view exercise not as an obligation, but instead, as an opportunity. I started noticing how it made me feel: powerful, calm, clear, and confident. I started feeling way better about my body and way more comfortable in my own skin.

Nowadays, exercise is a joyful habit of mine that helps me feel less stressed, more energized, strong, and sexy. I have a passion for movement and a knack for shrinking down complex fitness concepts & challenges into easy-to-understand, actionable bites. I absolutely love teaching these body-changing, life-transforming forms of exercise!

This membership is definitely for you if:

  • Working out at the gym or in group fitness classes makes you uncomfortable.
  • You love group classes and your local gym or studio, but you also want an affordable, supplementary option you can do at home or on-the-go, from time to time.
  • You can’t afford studio rates or a gym membership.
  • There aren’t any (good) classes in your area.
  • You want to learn the basics of yoga and Pilates in your own home, so you can actually feel confident before stepping foot into a group class.
  • You’re crazy busy. Between work, traffic, and kids, you don’t have time to drive somewhere for a class. Plus, you have a hard time finding classes that fit into your schedule.
  • You don’t want to hire a babysitter, just to work out.
  • You want your partner & family to get into yoga with you, but you know you could never get them to go a class with you, without dragging them in, kicking and screaming.
  • You’re bored with your current fitness routine or DVDs.
  • You know you should start working out, but you feel stuck and totally overwhelmed with where to begin.
  • You’re ready for some real progress.
  • You appreciate at-home comfort and convenience.

Imagine how different your life will look and how different your body will feel 24 hours…one week…a month…a couple years from now if you make this commitment now and join today.

What are you waiting for?!

Common Questions

So, how does this all work? How do I get started?

It’s pretty simple, really.

Once you register, you’ll receive a welcome email with all the details you need to log in and get started. In other words, upon registration, you instantly become a member and get full access to all videos and member bonuses.

How will I find the workouts I need?

Once you log in, you’ll see that everything's organized in a way that makes it extremely easy for you to find what you need on any given day.

Plus, you can search for videos by style, level of intensity, keyword, and duration. (You can save your favorites too!)

My foundation classes (Yoga 101, Pilates 101, etc.) are a great place to start.

If you haven’t worked out in awhile or you’re new to yoga or Pilates, try one of my Level 2 videos to begin with. If it's too challenging, go down a level the next time. If it's too easy, go up. Simple as that!

My team and I are always happy to help you get started and find the workouts that will best suite you.

What do I need to make this work?

All you need is Internet access and a computer, smartphone, or tablet. (And, once you take me up on my free video downloads, you won’t always need Internet access!)

When I first started doing Pilates, I didn’t have a mat…I didn’t even use a towel. I lied on the carpet of my messy living room. And, guess what? It still worked its magic.

Nowadays, I have a few nice mats and a small, very inexpensive, very easy to store, “at-home gym”…a.k.a. corner of a room where I keep a stability ball, some weights, and a foam roller.

Fancy? Nope.

Effective? Absolutely.

Sometimes I bring my mat outside. Sometimes I clean up my space, light some candles, and create a beautiful environment in my home for my yoga and Pilates practices. Other times, all I do is move a massive mess out of the way so there’s enough space on the floor for my mat.

Pristine environments can be heavenly for practicing yoga and Pilates, but they’re definitely not required.

My point: if you have a clear area large enough for you to lie down, you have everything you need to get started!

When you decide you’re ready for your first purchase, I’d recommend getting a mat.

How do I decide what mat to get?

There are many different types of yoga and Pilates mats. Maybe you start with a $12 one from Target. Cool. When you’re ready to upgrade, you’ll find my top two suggestions under the section: Tools to Get Started.

What about the times when I don't have internet access? Is there anyway I can download a few of your videos?

Yes! As a member bonus, I offer one video per month for you to download, keep, and use however you'd like.

In order to download these videos, you will need internet access. However, once they are downloaded to your device, you don't need internet access to view them.

You must download videos using your computer. However, once downloaded, you can drag the video files into applications such as iTunes. This will allow you to access the downloaded videos on mobile devices such as your iPhone or iPad.

What devices will play your videos? Can I use my smartphone? What about my iPad?

My videos should work on all your devices, including your computer or any of your mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.).

If you're wanting to do my videos on your television, simply plug your computer into your TV, using an HDMI cord.

Is billing automated?

Yes. You don’t have to worry about writing out a check every month or losing your access because you forgot to pay your bill.

Unless you actively cancel your membership, your unlimited, at-your-convenience access will continue and collections from your account will happen accordingly.

What if I need to cancel my membership?

Although we do not offer refunds, you have the ability to cancel anytime.

Will this membership help me lose weight?

For the most part, whenever you include movement into your day, you’re doing your body a world of good! A lot of people notice that consistent exercise helps them maintain and lose weight. However, weight loss and burning calories are not the focus of this membership.

What is the focus? Feeling better in your body (and better about your life)!

Why? Because, typically when we start measuring our progress in terms of numbers (pounds lost, calories burned, etc.), we go right to guilt. And, guilt is the last thing I want you to feel.

Instead, I’ve noticed, when people feel confident, inspired, and empowered, excess weight drops off naturally…as a secondary benefit.

Is this membership only for women?

We are committed here, at, to creating an oasis for women (specifically) to get the support and inspiration they need to make the changes in their bodies and lives that they desire. With that being said, however, we certainly encourage all people who feel inspired to register for this membership to do just that…anyone can benefit from the workout videos.

Our private, member-only Facebook group will be reserved for women, only.

How do I become a part of the private, member-only Facebook group?

Once you register as a member, you’ll receive an invitation.

I'm brand new to yoga and Pilates, will it work for me to start like this?

Yes! I’ve developed my foundation classes and content just for you! :)

What if I have an injury or specific issue?

Yoga and Pilates are wonderful forms of exercise for you if you have injuries or specific issues because they can be adapted to meet your needs, they’re low-impact, and, because they’re so functional, they’re amazing in regards to healing/rehabilitation.

First and foremost, I’d recommend you chat with your medical care professionals (your physician, physical therapist, etc.) to find out what they think about you doing yoga and Pilates. (Most will be thrilled!) Ask them if there are any movements or positions you should avoid.

From there, you may find it helpful to work 1-1 or in a small group with a seasoned instructor.

Finally, it’s extremely important that you listen to and trust your body throughout your practices. If your body is in pain when you’re doing a particular exercise, skip it (even if that exercise is one that your physician said would be fine for you to do or one you’ve done before, with ease). It’s very important to honor the messages you get from your body (whether they show up as physical sensations or gut hits) and to acknowledge that what you need and what you need to avoid may change, day-to-day.

What if I'm pregnant?

Prenatal instruction is not an expertise of mine, at this point. If you’ve never done yoga or Pilates before, it’s probably not the best time to jump into this online membership. Instead, I'd suggest you find a local instructor you can work with, in-person, who is specifically trained in prenatal instruction.

What if I have more questions?

Email your questions to We’d be happy to chat and will make sure to get all your questions answered.