Kind Words

Annalicia is by far the best Pilates & yoga instructor I have ever had! She is the perfect instructor for beginners to more advanced people and even the kids. She covers it all! I started with her Pilates classes, but fell in love with yoga when I experienced one of her beginner classes. I have always been intimidated with yoga....not anymore! Annalicia has a genuine kindness that comes through with her instructions and never once have I felt inferior or intimidated by her.

With her online videos, I'm able to choose whichever one I feel I can do on any given day at that particular moment. As a member, I get free ‘extras’ such as healthy recipes, challenges, live member-only hangouts, discounts on awesome products, and so much more. I just love it!

One of the greatest benefits of having Annalicia as an instructor is not only do you get the positive changes to your body, but also positive changes to your mood. No matter what, whenever I practice yoga or Pilates with Annalicia, I am always in a better mood afterwards; and I can't help but feel ‘lighter’ in my body and spirit! Annalicia is truly a breath of fresh air in my hectic daily schedule! She goes way beyond being just a yoga & Pilates instructor.

Lisa Schouviller BROOKLYN PARK, MN

I've worked with several yoga instructors over the years, but no one holds a candle to the classes that Annalicia teaches. She has a gift of making students feel completely comfortable in their own skin, while also gently guiding us in the use of proper technique. I always walk away from Annalicia's workouts feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Her passion for work and life continually motivates me.

Kelsey Hohol Edmonton, Alberta

I didn't think I could do yoga at my weight. Starting a new a fitness program at any weight can be intimidating. Since connecting with Annalicia, though, I have fallen in love with yoga! And, she made me feel included right away. Annalicia is genuine, kind, has easy to follow sequencing and verbalizes instructions in an easy to understand manner. I have benefited from working with her immensely. Now that I have worked with several other instructors, I realize that the way Annalicia verbalizes her commands, sets up her sequencing and explains things is unique. She has a true gift. I would absolutely recommend Annalicia to others, especially to beginners, because of her warm demeanor and kindness. If you’re scared of exercise, she will ease your fear.

Tashia Nilo ST. PAUL, MN

I wanted a really solid, challenging mat Pilates class, with good technique reinforced. I was worried that I would not find that combination. In regards to yoga, I was new to that practice when I met Annalicia and I wasn't sure what to expect. I've taken Pilates for many years and with many instructors and Annalicia is one of the best -- someone who demonstrates excellent technique and has an amazing ability to connect with her students’ needs, to clearly explain subtle concepts, and to challenge them to improve in ways that stretch themselves in a safe manner.

Her beginning yoga teaching is very accessible with a nice balance of mind, body and breathing and has encouraged me to continue working on this practice. Annalicia is an inspiring, gifted teacher. She makes anyone, of any level, feel welcomed and included and provides a different level of challenge for every student, from the beginner to the advanced. She provides continuity but also a diversity of exercises so you don’t get bored.

Annalicia uses clear and easy to understand cues to guide you through a workout. You can tell she genuinely cares about her students. Through Annalicia’s instruction, I've been challenged with new exercises and skills in both yoga (where I'm a beginner) and Pilates (where I'm more advanced). Annalicia got me hooked on yoga and brought my Pilates practice to an entirely new level.

Gina Bonsignore ST. PAUL, MN

Exercising alongside Annalicia has been a fantastic and rewarding experience. Prior to my membership with Yoga & Pilates Online, I had no experience with a yoga practice. Being able to practice with Annalicia anywhere, anytime is a terrific fit for my crazy schedule, and the variety of videos means there's always something to fit my mood and time restrictions. These days, yoga is a key contributor to my overall sense of peace, healthfulness, and happiness that leaves me truly grateful!

Jessica Lichtenstein SEATTLE, WASHINGTON

Yoga & Pilates Online has really helped me maintain an active yoga practice while also ensuring that all of life’s other responsibilities are attended to. I love the convenience of selecting the type and length of the class I need on a given day, streaming it when I have time in my schedule, and setting up my mat wherever I might be to carve out time for yoga. As a mother of a young child, Yoga & Pilates Online has allowed me to focus on being “mommy” when my daughter is awake and find time on the mat during naptimes or after bedtime, without having to drive or make childcare arrangements.

I love Annalicia’s upbeat and inspiring personality and teaching style. As an endurance athlete, I’m always looking for a physical and mental challenge to test my body and mind. Her classes and teaching style offered those challenges, however, she has the ability to adapt any pose or sequence of poses to give students options that best suit what they need from their yoga practice. Each class I’ve done with Annalicia has left me feeling energized and accomplished!

Jessica Grenwis ANDOVER, MN

I’m a busy working mom with 3 kids going in 3 directions. So, that leaves little time for me or yoga. Annalicia's website has been a perfect solution to that problem. I can do yoga anytime of the day, or night, and anywhere. I can squeeze it in between running kids from basketball to swimming. Annalicia is a great teacher and I look forward to our time online together. Yoga makes me happy, confident and feel good! Thanks Annalicia for making yoga so enjoyable!

Jennah Verhey COKATO, MN

Annalicia is a tremendously strong yoga instructor. She gives clear and accurate cues and has a deep understanding of the foundations of the practice. I absolutely know that she helped me to practice yoga better. I felt safe under her instruction. Annalicia is one of the best yoga teachers from whom I've had the luxury to learn. She is smart, sensitive, and sensible. It's been a treat to be one of her students!

Kate Havelin ST. PAUL, MN

As an athlete, I love high intensity sports and workouts. But having only that level of exercise in my life began wearing me out both physically and mentally. I needed more balance in my workouts, and Annalicia showed me how wonderful it is to bring yoga and Pilates into my exercise (and life!) regime. Through her online platform, she offers me the opportunity to incorporate Pilates and yoga workouts into my daily routine, at a time and place that suits me best. And, her engaging personality makes me feel like she is in the room with me, encouraging me to do the best I can to make daily improvements in my practice to reach my goals on and off the mat.

Sarah Wein ST. PAUL, MN

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