Episode #8 – Stacie Hassing & Nourishing With No Rules

Recorded on Tuesday, March 8th, 2016.

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Show Notes

  • “What I’m most passionate about is not only creating these delicious and simple recipes, but also really helping women, especially, find peace with food and find what works for them because I believe that there’s not one single approach to nutrition and diet that works for everyone. What makes you feel your best? Not your mom or you best friend.” -Stacie
  • “What fuels your friend’s body might not be what fuels your body.” -Annalicia
  • “I think that’s what food should be about, it should aid us in feeling good. When we have a relationship with food like that, then it’s a really beautiful relationship. When food becomes about all the other things, like calorie counting, it’s really hard to hard to have a beautiful, synergistic relationship with it. So, Stacie, I love that you bring it all down to your feelings.” -Annalicia
  • “There were so many numbers that I forgot the soul purpose of food was nourishing our bodies to get the nutrients we need so that we can have the energy to live life to our fullest.” -Stacie
  • “Food doesn’t have to be about weight.” -Annalicia
  • Stacie encourages you to start a food journal, not to track calories, but to increase your awareness of how you feel when you eat certain things.
  • She makes reading food labels easy. The only thing you need to look at on boxes, she says (and I totally agree), are the ingredients.
  • “Part of my definition of ‘healthy’ is not being ‘healthy’ all the time.” -Annalicia
  • Stacie weighs in on Bulletproof coffee.
  • She says, “In the end it’s not about a specific diet to follow. It’s all about balanced nutrition.” She goes on to give great tips for how to avoid confusion and keep nutrition simple.
  • “I always encourage people to ask themselves, ‘How is the food that I’m about to eat going to nourish and fuel my body from the inside, out?’” -Stacie

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Stacie Hassing is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist from Minnesota and co-founder of SimplyNourishedRecipes.com, a website and blog she shares simple and healthy gluten-free & paleo-friendly recipes as well as nutrition tips and tidbits. Stacie also is a meal planning expert and works with fitness professional by creating meal plans to compliment their programs.

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