Episode #10 – No Willpower Required With Taryn Mason

Recorded on Tuesday, April 12th, 2016.

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Show Notes

  • “I internalized that (message) as I had to be perfect if I was going to make it. I carried that with me for a very long time.” -Taryn
  • “I was burnt out by the time I was 25 from trying to prove myself.” -Taryn
  • “Doctors aren’t in my body. They’re super smart and there are so many reasons why we need doctors, but I needed to know my body.” -Taryn
  • “I wanted certainty before I took action.” -Taryn
  • “I hit a low point in my life and was like, ‘Something has to change.’ Normally when I would say that it would be a new diet on Monday or kicking myself in gear to go work out, but the beating myself up just wasn’t working anymore. So I made a commitment to myself to just love myself, unconditionally.” -Taryn
  • “The word ‘nice’ has the energy of I’m going to change to make you feel comfortable. I prefer the words ‘kind’ and ‘compassionate’.” -Taryn
  • “We are fully resourced in our heart.” -Taryn
  • “How are we suppose to know who we are if we don’t know our baseline, starting point of what it feels like to be ourselves without fear and without anxiety?” -Taryn
  • “It’s not about the food, but it’s not not about the food.” -Taryn
  • “If we start to either blame food for our problems or give food the credit for solving our problems, that’s giving energy away from ourselves.” -Taryn
  • “For me, my only goal is to be more me today than I was yesterday.” -Taryn
  • “We are here for a reason. What better goal than to figure out what that reason is and to really align with the fullness of who we are and that full potential?” -Taryn
  • “I so believe, down in my bones, that when we feel free to be ourselves, we heal ourselves.” -Taryn
  • “No willpower required when you’re doing something joyful.” -Taryn

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Taryn is a former engineer turned intuitive health & lifestyle coach who is passionate about all things energy, exploring the world inside and out, and living a joyful, adventurous life.  She believes taking care of your emotional and energetic bodies is the foundation for optimal health and cultivating the courage to be ourselves is the key to freedom. She lights up helping sensitive, ambitious women follow their inner compass to freedom and find relief from the pursuit of the perfect picture life they think they’re supposed to live to create the life they were born to live.

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